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Projects management

The work of surveys required by modern surveying devices and Cantorial maps to determine the boundaries of the project and natural phenomena

Provide field data and draw a sketch of the project

We have an integrated section for designing Department of Innovation and Design of the space to be reclaimed and divided and design irrigation networks and develop a complete visualization and implementation in high resolution and in record time and create a network coordinates to start implementation

General landing griding by machines

  • General equalization by heavy machines to remove any rocks in the circle of pivot.
  • Plow with tow edges
    the circle of center pivot plowing to eliminate the rocks from surface of the soil .
  • Elemination of the rocks :that is by carry out the rocks from the surface of soil by Bulldozer and transport trucks.
  • cantorial maps :creating cantorial maps to each center pivot or drip irrigation system to prevent losing the water.
  • Finding groundwater
    Discovering the underground water if present by making sessions for soil and drilling wells and put the irrigation lines from wells to irrigation system with customize solutions .

Finally building the constructions for the center pivot.


We do feasibility studies and designs by

  • determine the type of the soil
  • Reclamation the soil to be valid for agricultural
  • Determine the source of water either surface and ground water.
  • Suitable methods from new wells ,pumps and equipment
  • Irrigation network BY IN IMMERSION drip, spray , or by center pivot.

Deter mine the suitable types for the soil.
Determine the quality fo labour force and the fertilizer .

Drilling and installation of wells

Using sessions to determine present or absent the water and It is depth.
Drilling Machines types.
Determine the combinations coast (pipes- deeps cables – water pumps etc…

Irrigation Systemc

Determine the coast of equipment irrigation system for agricultural area.
Designing the diagram for the network irrigation .
Water drainage rate.s
Determine the best method ieve for irrigation that’s all to achieve the last coast and high quality.

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