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Solarmart is a pioneer in the installation and marketing of solar energy devices of various kinds
After sales service, including operation and maintenance of systems and devices

Solar panels consist of optical mixtures found in each of them taken in the form of a two-dimension matrix in a close and regular appearance we can combine and combine different numbers of solar cells to produce the maximum electricity and thus the electricity approved on solar energy choice is available to stay for longer time Support homes, companies and factories with clean electric power

Houses and Farms Management

  • The solar cells have different capabilities available as well as different sizes and shapes to meet all the different needs and .
  • anti-dust, water, Rust and operate at the lowest levels available to light and have a guarantee available
  • Solar energy can be exploited for homes using a few solar panels enough to operate a full house with high efficiency and no problems

We provide for your home or any building that has swimming pool heating services or providing electricity and garden lighting according to your Needs
Provide technical and commercial feasibility studies and the implementation and management of small, medium and large solar energy projects

National grid connected inverter

This type of inverter power supply separated automatically and switches off completely when the electricity stops, and this property supports security for workers in the event of maintenance to the electricity grid.

You can’t use solar power if the electricity in the g

Most types of inverters network separated contain inside organizer charger

The result electercity pure or modified wave whate ever the [ure wave inverters become most distribution in all inverters because it lowest price exception small inverters which specified to run on light units only

This system combines on grid and hybrid inverter and supported by batteries with possibility connecting to national electricity grid.

This inverter connecting the given electricity to the national electricity network in addition using the national network electiricity .

Adventage of this type allow flowing the power in both direction

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