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Center Pivot
2 Years

In a fixed center pivot, one end of the machine is fixed while the other moves spans clockwise by motor driven tires. At the fixed point end, river or bore well water may be used as the water source transporting water through the main pipes to the sprinklers. The advantage of the center pivot is that it takes less labor and water to irrigate 13-130ha from one water feeding point. A specially designed steel structure can be customized for different lengths of center pivots. While one span with one overhang (80m) is the simplest center pivot system you can choose, our heavy duty design allows for spans  with angles and bolt pivot anchors strong enough to withstand high winds.


Our fixed hot dip galvanized steel central tower has a main panel with an automatic shutdown and reverse system, pressure gauge, pivot point light and electric collector ring.

Pivot point:
Leg angle size: L4″x4″
Riser: diameter 8” thickness 1/8”
Elbow: diameter 8” thickness 1/8”

It is a special design to form a solid anchor for even longest system.




Control panel:
Main breaker.
Control transformer.
Start stop switch.
Main contactor.
Monitoring indicators.
Forward / reverse contactors rated 600v at 30 amps.
Fuses – 30 amps.
Lightning arrestor

System monitors
– control power
– pressure guage
– last tower movement
– control circuit power
– safety circuit status
– reverse control circuit
– forward control circuit
– pump control circuit
– Monitors incoming 380V power.
Our main control also supports:
No water start stop.
Running direction (auto-stop/auto-reverse).
Speed adjusting.
Under voltage relay.
Over current relay.
Emergency stop.
Low water pressure shut off.


Metallic zinc-coated Spans rubber-boot united between themselves, mounted on support of intermediate towers-each with two wheels, axles drive unit from electric geared motor to Wheels gearboxes; the electronic block of the system of the equalization and checking.

Truss design is the most important part on pivot parts on pivot irrigation system. The structural mechanics are precisely calculated by computer and tested in tough road. It can stand 20 years long lasting work without any bending or breakings.


Two options:
1. Galvanized pipe diameter 8”, 6 5/8”, 5 9/16”
2. Galvanized pipe with poly lining diameter 8”, 6 5/8”, 5 9/16” for special water

Galvanizing Kettle:
Inside Dimension: 14,000 long x 1,200 wide x 2,000 mm deep
By W. Pilling of Riepe, Germany, the world’s leading kettle manufacturer.
50mm wall thickness, European Special Grade Plate (see analysis below)
Typical Analysis: C, .08%; Mn, .5%; P, .02%; S, .02%; Si, traces only
Zinc Volume of Kettle: 90 tons
Weight of Kettle: 25,150 kgs

Quality standards: BS-729, ASTM-A123


Two options:
1. Standard(left):
Material: Grey Iron HT250
Shaft Material: high-strength forged steel
2. Heavy duty(right):
Material: Ductile Iron HT300
Shaft Material: Steel 45

  1. Rubber tire:
    11.2*38: Good clearance and flotation
    14.9*24: Tubeless tire 4ply, for heavier and longer spans
    16.9*24: For longer spans more flotation

Tower box:
Contactor rated 600V at 16 amp min.
Alignment switches rated 277V at 15 amp tested to 10,000,000 cycles.
On-Off switch rated 600V at 10 amps.

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